What is Hypnosis?

Before writing this blog I felt the need to use hypnosis to help me remain calm while I hauled myself into the world of technology, it helped, so did moving to Cornwall! And, no… I don’t use a swinging pocket watch or wave incense in the air.


Ok, so what is hypnosis and why do people who experience it feel so fantastic? There are number of reasons for creating change within hypnosis but simply hypnosis itself is enough to start feeling great. Why? A hypnotic state is simply a state where you are integrating different parts of your brain and your body together so its like your whole system is aligned rather than disjointed.

Affects of Stress

You know when you feel a spot of stress and a part of your body is affected like getting IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), headaches, tight throat or your behaviours change such as needing to eat, biting nails or smoking and your emotions soar out of control or you don’t feel emotions at all? Well, hypnosis helps to restore you, so you can feel calm and connected again.

There are other ways to feel good again though: take a walk, see a friend, go for a swim, read a book or watch a film.

If you  simply do not have any time and you are exhausted please be aware of any support that you could have from family or friends and if thats not possible see a doctor, join a forum but know that there are people who can help and that nothing lasts forever, change is constant. Hypnosis helps you to focus on the change you want by giving you control.

To have hope and remain grateful for those little things that make you smile is so important.

Take care of yourselves and until next time…..



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