Professional Hypnotherapy in Cornwall

Safe & Confidential Environment

My name is Jo Rogers; I’m a fully qualified, experienced psychotherapist and hypnotherapist, helping people resolve issues from sleeping problems, weight loss, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, phobias and many more.

Through the use of hypnotherapy and psychotherapeutic techniques, a person can expect to feel calmer and more empowered as they make sense and resolve those unwanted symptoms, behaviours, physical problems and emotions that they may have been trying to resolve for a long time.

Jo Rogers

Unresolved and suppressed emotional stress and anxiety can manifest themselves in a variety of ways, causing various conditions including headaches, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and psoriasis.

This would be when doctors say there is nothing physically wrong and can’t understand why these symptoms are happening; quite often termed psycho somatic.

Stress can have a negative impact on our sense of wellbeing, and it can interfere with our sleep patterns – making it difficult for us to get to sleep and causing us to wake during the night. A lack of sleep can make us feel irritable, leaving us unable to cope or make decisions. It can leave us feeling generally lifeless, depressed, demotivated and unable to enjoy life.

Though the use of the most powerful, unique and up-to-date forms of therapy available today, I can help you to make the necessary changes to take back control of your life, to ultimately achieve peace of mind and to help you welcome a calmer, happier and more empowered you.

My therapeutic techniques focus on helping you to change your state of mind so that those strong feelings and compulsive drives simply melt away and subsequently change your perspective on your own identity, life, relationships, goals and unpredictable events thus directly impacting on the way you feel.

Problems Helped with Hypnotherapy

About JTR Hypnotherapy

My hypnotherapy clinic is based at St.Francis, Mullion, Helston, Cornwall, TR12 7DG.

The clinic itself is a very comfortable, modern and private, just the right type of environment where you can feel free to discuss your particular problem in total confidentiality.

I use the latest audio equipment called a hypno-com which allows us to remove any outside disturbances that might otherwise interfere with the hypnotic state.

About Helston Hypnotherapist Johanna Rogers Dip Hyp MIAPH

Johanna Rogers is a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Hypno-analyst and she is a practicing member of the IAEBP (International Association of Evidence Based Psychotherapy).

She has attended many ongoing courses and seminars to ensure she is up to date with her knowledge.

These have included advanced thrive training, sexual abuse and sexual offending, the Blowaway technique for treating children, coherence therapy, analysis, and annual conferences.

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