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What is Anxiety?

Feelings of worry can strike at almost any time, and it is highly likely that every single person will experience these feelings at some point in their lives.

There are many factors that can contribute to these feelings (or excessive feelings) of worry and stress, for example you may be anxious about an impending job interview, money worries, problems in your personal relationships or even just the day to day pressures of everyday life.

These feelings are in fact completely normal and a natural reaction to stress, however, for some people the level of worry can become so “large” or “significant” that it starts to affect their ability to get on with living.

The NHS estimates that 2% of the population will experience this as a Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) at least once in their lifetime and is most likely to crop up in your mid to late twenties. Research suggests that less men than women are affected by anxiety disorders.

GAD tends to be more long term conditions and can permeate into many areas of your life leading to anxious feelings about almost anything that is happening, leading to a lack of perspective and a cycle that spirals out of control.

For many sufferers it can feel like the condition is constant and that you never get a chance to really relax.

There are numerous signs and symptoms of GAD for example:-

▪ Feelings of living on the edge of your seat
▪ Inability to rest well
▪ An impending sense of fear or dread
▪ Problems Concentrating
▪ Being quick tempered with friends and family
▪ Finding minor issues irritating
▪ Feelings of dizziness
▪ Difficulties in becoming motivated
▪ Prickly sensations like pins and needles
▪ Palpitations
▪ Fatigued Muscles
▪ Dry and Sticky mouth
▪ Sweating excessively
▪ Breathlessness
▪ Cramps in the Stomach
▪ Migraines and Headaches
▪ Missing your period
▪ Sleep patterns becoming interrupted

In more significant cases it is possible for your anxious feelings to become so significant that it becomes a “panic attack” which can be very frightening.

Many people suffering panic disorder develop a sense that the panic could become so bad that it might lead to unconsciousness or even heart failure.

It is impossible to capture every condition in which Anxiety is a dominant symptom, so if you are in any doubt, then we would urge you to contact us to arrange one of our Hypnotherapy consultations to discuss your particular problem

Therapy for Anxiety in Cornwall

The choice of therapy to help your Anxiety is going to depend on just how much the problem is affecting your day-to-day life, and also how long you have been suffering from the problem.

Jo Rogers is able to offer two main techniques for helping you to resolve your Anxiety:

Psychotherapy for Anxiety

If your problem is more significant and is having a seriously disruptive effect on your personal or professional life, then you may wish to consider a technique such as psychotherapy. This type of therapy can help you to rewire and delete the unwanted emotions, behaviors and symptoms of anxiety from the unconscious. This remarkable therapy is a type of neuro-plasticity and makes positive changes through an experiential and unique process. You will feel as if on a journey, at a pace that feels right to you, discovering the unconscious causes of the way in which you feel today. Slowly and gently you will gain an understanding of yourself in a way that you did not have before, making sense of those unwanted symptoms. We call this the discovery phase and adhering to specific guidelines in this particular form of psychotherapy, we are then able to change those thoughts, feelings and behaviors that are having such a negative impact on your life, restoring you to peace and tranquility. This is an holistic therapy.

Clinical Hypnosis for Anxiety

If your particular problem is “relatively” minor and only affects you now and again, then you may have found that you have been able to tolerate the feelings that you have experienced.

In these circumstances I would normally recommend a few sessions of Clinical Hypnosis (Suggestion Therapy) as this particular technique has an excellent track record in these cases.

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