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Anxiety Hypnotherapy


Feelings of anxiety are a normal reaction to stress – but for some people, the level of worry becomes so significant that it impacts on their life and makes it difficult for them to function.

Generalised Anxiety Disorder

According to the NHS, 2% of the population will experience a Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) at least once during their life. This usually occurs in the mid to late twenties, with more women than men affected.

GAD is usually more of a long-term condition and can affect many areas of your life. It leads to feelings of anxiety about almost everything that happens, creating a lack of perspective and leading to a cycle that can spiral out of control.

GAD sufferers can feel like the anxiety is non-stop and that they can’t really relax. There are many signs and symptoms, including an inability to rest well and a continuous feeling of impending dread or fear.

Common symptoms

You may experience constant feelings of living on the edge of your seat and have problems concentrating. Minor issues may irritate you intensely and you’re likely to be short-tempered with family and friends. Sufferers often find it difficult to become motivated.

Anxiety can also manifest itself in physical symptoms such as dizziness, a prickly sensation like pins and needles, a dry mouth, fatigued muscles, palpitations and breathlessness.

Your sleep pattern might be interrupted, you could miss your period, or suffer excessive sweating, stomach cramps, headaches and migraines. When these anxious feelings become more serious, they can turn into a full-blown “panic attack”, which can be terrifying.

There are many different conditions in which anxiety is the dominant symptom and it’s impossible to list them all because of the vast number. If you’re in any doubt, contact us to arrange a hypnotherapy consultation to discuss your own situation.

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