Changes to Yourself

So you want to be more confident, lose weight, get a better job, be a better parent, eliminate bad habits etc etc.

It all starts with an idea, then the idea grows and eventually you do something about it, a weight loss plan for example, training for a better job, saving for that holiday and you feel excited because you are at the beginning of a journey to something that you really want. ….. and then what happens, the destination feels far far away, you lose a pound and put back on 2, you start a home study and then the kids get sick, and a feeling of being out of control may materialise alongside doubt in yourself, and before long those familiar feelings of failure, disappointment and despondency that anything will ever get better take over and change your state of mind from “can do” to “can’t do”. 

The thing is, we really do live in a world of instant gratification, you want your journey to start today and finish tomorrow but unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. Sometimes that journey takes a couple of years, sometimes days, weeks or months and being realistic is key to maintaining effort.

Weight loss like any change is like building foundations in the ground for a beautiful house, you may not see results for a while and you weigh yourself weekly and still no weight loss even though you are working hard and maintaining healthy eating and exercise (being happy helps tremendously with weight loss by the way, so do something that creates a happy state of mind), but all the times the foundations are being laid and before long that beautiful house will start to be visible.

When you are realistic you are aware that sometimes along your journey you need to take a rest, set up camp in a beautiful lay-by, you become aware that those storms in life do not last forever and you simply get through and refocus again. In this way you are being kind to yourself and not making ridiculous expectations and then you find that you do reach your end destination. So have that cream tea when your friends invite you out and know that it is simply a break and that is all, you haven’t come off your journey, you are simply taking a rest.

Take Care


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