Cure For Emetophobia

A Cure for Emetophobia in Mullion,Helston, Cornwall

What is Emetophobia?

The fifth most common phobia in the World, Emetophobia has a number of other names that it has been labelled with such as Emetephobia, Vomitophobia, Globus Hystericus and others!

It is essentially the Fear of Being Sick and tends to have quite dramatic consequences for those who suffer from it.

Because of the large number of physical problems that are often associated with being sick, Emetophobia can “migrate” and become confused with other Phobic responses.

(In other words, people may suffer from Emetophobia but believe that their phobia is in fact something else.)

These other phobias can include:

▪ The fear of choking on food
▪ The fear of seeing others being sick
▪ The fear of becoming pregnant (due to morning sickness)
▪ The fear of drowning
▪ The fear of being sick in public
▪ The fear of eating dairy products
▪ The fear of eating under-cooked food
▪ The fear of being judged (Social Phobia)

Emetophobia seems to be most often linked with people who have an “obsessive” personality type and is often found to be associated with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) , people who may perhaps be overly tidy or feel the need to be incredibly well organised all of the time.

Another rather remarkable characteristic of the Emetophobia sufferer is that it has usually been many years since they were actually sick, with most of the Anxiety and Stress surrounding Emetophobia being all about how to “avoid being sick”.

Therapy for Emetophobia

These days we tend to deal with Emetophobia by:

  1. A cognitive process which changes thinking styles, perspective, and core beliefs which then impacts on how you ‘feel’ thus reducing your phobia to a ‘normal’ disgust level of vomit.
  2. Hypnotherapy with a combination of psychotherapy which will impact on your feelings which then impact                                thoughts and behaviours towards vomit and everything else associated with it, creating a calmer, more in control you.


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