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The stop smoking hypnotherapy system used here at the JTR Hypnotherapy clinic has been shown to be one of the most effective ways to quit smoking.

Hypnosis for Quitting Smoking Cornwall


Smoking Cessation in just two hours

Research shows that the Rob Kelly method used in our clinic goes significantly beyond conventional stop smoking hypnosis treatments because of the way the method blends Hypnosis and principles extracted from the Rob Kelly THRIVE Programme.

Research in the New Scientist Journal had already shown that “ordinary” Hypnosis was the most effective way to quit smoking compared to the other methods available, but the advanced stop smoking hypnotherapy programme used here in Helston is even more effective.

The Rob Kelly Hypnosis for Quitting Smoking technique allows smokers to successfully give up the habit in just ONE session!

So why do you want to quit smoking?

I know it sounds like a daft question doesn’t it, but actually, during the development of the method, one of the things that we noticed was that the reasons people give for why they want to stop smoking all seem like good reasons, but actually turn out to be quite ineffective when it comes to actually stopping!

Typical reasons why people want to stop smoking might be:-

▪ It costs too much
▪ My partner doesn’t like it
▪ I don’t want my kids to smoke
▪ It’s socially unacceptable
▪ I don’t like being a slave to nicotine
▪ I don’t want to get lung cancer
▪ I want to be fitter

Now whilst these might all seem like really good reasons, I would suggest that if they were really good enough reasons then you would have stopped by now!

The problem with the above list is that whilst they may appear to be really good reasons to stop smoking, when you weigh up the BENEFITS of those reasons compared to the BENEFITS of smoking, then they simply don’t cut the mustard!

This is in fact the FIRST main reason why people find it hard to quit smoking; they don’t really have a good enough reason!

I believe that it’s really difficult to stop smoking

Now this is the second main reason why you have found it difficult to stop smoking up until now.

The fact of the matter is that you BELIEVE that it is difficult to stop smoking, and when you believe something with such conviction, it usually turns out to be correct.

NOT correct in general terms, but correct for YOU.

What you believe can simply become your reality

After many years of helping clients to understand and then modify their “belief systems” it has been fully recognised that by changing their “limiting beliefs”, that people can actually change the way that the FEEL and RESPOND to any given situation.

By changing your BELIEFS about smoking, you will be able to stop smoking!

50% of what happens during our stop smoking session is dedicated to helping you totally modify your THINKING and BEHAVIOUR about smoking leading you to be able to stop smoking.

What happens during the Quit Smoking session?

The JTR Hypnosis to Quit Smoking session lasts about 60 -90 minutes.

An hour or so will be spent helping you to understand, at a detailed level, all about YOUR “belief systems” about smoking, and how your “old way of thinking” has actually been a “barrier” to you successfully stopping smoking.

The last thirty minutes of the session utilises the positive effects of Clinical Hypnosis to help you to make “internal” changes to your thoughts and feelings about smoking.

When you leave our clinic, we will have helped you to change your mind-set into that of a “NON-SMOKER”.

The session is individually tailored to YOU rather than just being a “standard” session in which all smokers go through an identical process.

The Quit Smoking session costs £200

Ready to quit smoking permanently?

If the answer is YES, then simply give me a call to arrange your stop smoking session.

Don’t forget, you need to allow 60-90 minutes to make the transformation to a NON-SMOKER.

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