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About Jo

Johanna Rogers (Dip Hyp IAEBP) is a qualified clinical hypnotherapist, hypno-analyst and psychotherapist.

She is a practicing member of the IAEBP (International association of Evidence Based Psychotherapy), and is also qualified in mindset work.

Jo runs the J T R Hypnotherapy clinic in Helston, Cornwall

During her training time, Jo has attended many ongoing courses and seminars to ensure that she is up to date with her knowledge and practical skills.

These have included advanced thrive training, sexual abuse and sexual offending courses, the Blowaway Technique for treating children and annual conferences where the latest developments in Psychology and Psychotherapy are showcased.

Johanna has a background in education; she has been a nanny, nursery nurse and primary school teacher. She has been a waitress, a student, a shop assistant, a cleaner; plenty of experience of inter personal relations in this vast array of occupations.

She has always had a strong interest in psychology and how it affects people in their daily lives.

We believe that who we are is final, it’s just how it is, we were born that way, it’s in the genes.

Have you ever said something like any of the following?

“I get it from my mum (Dad, Uncle, Nan etc).

“I’m just greedy, that’s the way I am.”

“I can’t stop smoking; I’ve got an addictive personality.”

“I’ve always been shy. That’s just me.”

“It’s normal to be anxious about things and choose to stay in.”

“I’ve always needed a drink for courage.”

“I’m just different.”

“I would love to be like her, she’s so popular, pretty, and successful.”

“I’m tired all the time.”

“The real me is hiding inside somewhere.”

You might find yourself in a bad mood, suddenly angry, upset or experiencing extreme nostalgia for no apparent reason.

You don’t have to be any way that you don’t want to be.

Events in our lives have shaped us, experiences have moulded us.

Sometimes things may have happened to us which we didn’t ask for such as when we were children and vulnerable, we would not choose those experiences as an adult but as a child they were chosen for you.

Or it could be that your child self’s perception of an incident is completely different from your adult self’s perception of the same incident but unfortunately if the incident has succumbed to repression you will always carry around with you your child  self’s perception which is not helpful at all.

Those experiences need to be accessed and processed (Hypno-analysis, Coherence Therapy) for you to be truly the best you can be and resolve your symptoms for good.

Johanna undertook a study on how self-esteem affects achievement while completing her studies as a primary school teacher at King Alfred’s College, Winchester. She discovered that the link between high achievement and high self-esteem (one of our core psychological belief systems) is of significance.

She is qualified to undertake thrive in schools and in so doing, not only give the children a strong sense of self but tackle behaviour problems and raise standards of achievement; hugely beneficial to both individual children and schools.

Johanna believes in offering specific individual treatment for people with their own presenting problem, for example two people could suffer from insomnia but they would need to be treated differently according to their unique personalities.

Johanna Rogers is a caring, sensitive, non-judgemental therapist who wants nothing more than for a client to complete their treatment and walk out of her consulting room door with a smile on their face, a spring in their step and be 100% ready to tackle the world!

She is there to help you achieve, change habits, overcome anxiety, be successful.

Whatever your need, Johanna will help you to change your life for the better.


Knowledge is power and when we have the knowledge we can ensure that our children can be the very best they can.

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