Panic Attack Hypnotherapy

Anyone who suffers from panic attacks will know how terrifying and debilitating they can be. They can happen suddenly, for no apparent reason, making you feel powerless. They can leave a sufferer feeling out of control, experiencing wild thoughts that they will fall unconscious, go mad, or even die.

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According to research, about 5% of the adult population has panic attacks. As an exaggerated version of the natural response to stress, fear, or even excitement, the body automatically prepares itself for a dangerous situation by producing large quantities of adrenalin.

This is known as a “freeze, flight or fight” reaction. It would have prepared people to fight, or run away, from danger in years gone by. The reaction is less appropriate for our stressful situations today. However, our body isn’t convinced of this.

We still respond in the same way, even to imagined danger. As adrenalin rushes around our body, it causes our muscles to tense up and our breathing to become faster. The heart must pump harder to circulate the blood and we may become pale as a result. Sweating increases, our digestion slows down and our salivary glands dry up, causing a “dry mouth” sensation. Our senses become more alert and even a slight sound or touch can provoke a reaction.

As the panic attack kicks in, people may experience more extreme symptoms, such as feeling unable to breathe, chest pains, ringing ears, numbness and tingling in the hands and feet, hot flushes, nausea, feelings of terror and a sense of unreality.

Most panic attacks last from five to 20 minutes, with the symptoms peaking, on average, in ten minutes. Some might experience one after another, with the feeling they’ve been having a continual panic attack for up to an hour, and as they’re unpredictable, people can spend their life worrying whether one is going to happen.

Before seeking advice from a hypnotherapist, rule out any possible physical causes for panic attacks by seeing your GP.

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