Problems Helped with Hypnosis

family on beachHypnosis & Hypnotherapy have been successfully used to help people to overcome problems for at least a hundred years! There are many problems helped with hypnosis.

The treatments available through Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy have evolved significantly over that period of time and today there are numerous different techniques and methods within the field, all of which use a slightly different approach.

Here at my clinic, I use three main types of Therapy to treat problems, the first method is called “Clinical Hypnosis” and this is the most well known type of therapy.

The second technique is called Coherence Therapy.

The third technique is mindset work which helps you to develop a growth mindset.

Coherence Therapy  works on the principle of “cause” and “effect” and the technique is designed to help you re-process “bottled-up” experiences that give rise to behavioural difficulties today.

The choice of which therapy technique will help your problem the best is usually determined at my Initial Consultation.

Depending on both your personality types and your ability to go through either type of treatment, this is when I will recommend one type of therapy or the other.

To get an idea of the sorts of problems that I can help with, have a look at the listings below which show problems helped with through these techniques.

▪ Sexual Problems
▪ Anxiety and General Feelings of Anxiety
▪ Stress and Stress Related Conditions
▪ Depression and Feeling “Down”
▪ Alcohol Abuse and Drink Related Problems
▪ Exam nerves and Test Nerves
▪ Emetophobia – The Fear of Being Sick
▪ Social phobia – The Fear of Being Judged by Others
▪ Fears & Phobias such as Flying or Public Speaking
▪ Self confidence and Low Self Esteem Issues
▪ IBS – Irritable Bowel Syndrome
▪ Panic attacks and Panic “Disorder”
▪ Public speaking and Speech Making
▪ Fear of Dentists or Dental Phobia
▪ Stuttering and Stammering Problems
▪ Fear of Injections or Needles
▪ Fear of flying – Flying Phobia
▪ Obsessions and OCD
▪ Compulsions and Compulsive Behaviours

Of course there are many more symptoms and problems that I can help you with and it would be impossible to list everything that can be helped with Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy and Mindset work..

What ever your worry or concern may be, don’t hesitate to contact me to arrange a consultation to chat about it.

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