Freedom from Smoking Package


There are 4 hour long sessions that focus on many aspects of this habit. This is your personal journey and its best to feel unhurried or driven, simply relax into your healing with clarity and calm.

If there are any friends or family members rushing you, ask them to stop, all they will be doing is creating conflict which works against the sessions.

It is important that you listen to all of the sessions, even if you have already stopped smoking. You may settle on a favourite that becomes your “go to” place!

The aim is to listen to session 1 at least twice in week 1. Then move on to session 2 for the following week, listen to session 3 twice in week 3 and then finally finish in week 4 with session 4.

As you move through the sessions, you may find other unexpected and positive changes within your life, enjoy them as you begin to notice them.

I wish you all the best in your journey to freedom and health. Remember, your body is designed to heal itself and we can speed that process up by making good choices.