Psychotherapy Services in Cornwall

There are many forms of psychotherapy:  Hypno-analysis, Neuro-Linguistic programming, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, internal family systems therapy to name just a few. The psychotherapy I use is Coherence Therapy, which, as well as the other psychotherapies uses a process known as memory re-consolidation in order to remove your unwanted symptoms at their roots.

This is a talking therapy which utilizes your unconscious mind (The Limbic System) in order to access the cause of the problem, which you have no doubt been trying to find with your conscious mind to no avail. This is because the conscious and the unconscious are separated and no amount of cognitive thinking will help you find the answers you are looking for.

Together we will unravel the coherent truth which is locked in your emotional brain and gently erase the symptoms you desperately want to be free of, leaving you with a sense of inner calm and peace.

Some of these deeper methods I use in hypnotherapy sessions, so if you do not want to embark on the psychotherapy journey, you will find relief from a few sessions of wonderfully relaxing hypnotherapy.


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I will provide an initial consultation to determine which therapeutic intervention could be most beneficial for you.

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