Secret Eaters Hypnotherapy

Despite the phrase “Secret Eater” the reality is that some people eat much more food than they “realise” – which is known as “unconscious” or “habitual” eating.

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These eating habits can account for 50% or more of people’s daily calorific intake leading to difficulty controlling or losing weight.

As a trained Hypnotherapist I fully understand these “unconscious” eating habits and can help you to not only identify them, but also to change them.

By using the weight loss techniques I offer at my clinic, I could take you through the following steps to help you make changes to your eating habits and lifestyle:

Step One

Help you to recognise that you are “Unconsciously – Out Of Control”.

Step Two

Involve you in processes that help you to become fully aware of your habitual eating and help you to become “Consciously – Out of control”.

Step Three

Introduce new techniques and methods to help you introduce “control” around your eating, to become “Consciously – In Control”.

Step Four

Finally to help you to shift the new, fully conscious relationship with food into that of a new habit, or to become “Unconsciously – In Control”.

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