Sexual Problems Hypnotherapy

Most people are likely to experience some kind of sexual problem during their life – but it’s such a “personal” thing that you may feel too embarrassed to ask for help.

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This causes needless suffering, as it affects our life and can cause relationship problems.

Trained to deal with highly sensitive issues, I will treat your concerns with unconditional positive regard, and in complete confidentiality. Sexual issues are varied, but the typical problems I am consulted about include:

▪ Difficulty in responding sexually

▪ Low sexual desire

▪ Erectile dysfunction

▪ Premature ejaculation

▪ Sexual addiction

▪ Vaginismus

▪ Anorgasmia

All of these issues can be the result of an earlier emotional experience that has been repressed into an unconscious part of the mind. They can also be caused by a minor incident or experience that we turn into a bigger problem than it really is.

I can provide a therapeutic intervention, aimed at helping you to resolve your particular issue. I will carry out an initial consultation that considers your personality, personal circumstances and history, in order to determine the most appropriate course of therapy.

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I will provide an initial consultation to determine which therapeutic intervention could be most beneficial for you.

If you have any queries, or you wish to arrange an initial consultation at my clinic, drop me an email or complete the online enquiry form.