Read some of the testimonials I have received from past clients.


I contacted Jo when I felt at a real low point in my life. Anxiety was affecting me to such an extend I was finding social situations, work and family difficult to manage. I was becoming particularly anxious about an important event and was concerned I was not going to be able to cope. Even the thought of seeking help for the problem was causing me huge anxiety, but I am so glad I chose Jo. Her calm, understanding approach helped me to explore the negative feelings that have been with me for many years and I can see how early childhood events have impacted on me throughout my life.

Working with Jo for several months gave me the understanding and empowerment to move forward and not let anxiety hold me back. Most importantly, I am so happy to report that I coped with the important social event confidently and calmly and I even enjoyed it! Something I never thought possible a year ago. Thank you, Jo.


Sports block

What a difference hypnotherapy can make! I had tried everything to help me with my sporting goals but no amount of training and coaching was making a difference. I knew my barriers were in my head, not my body but that still didn’t help. After hypnotherapy I was faster, without any extra effort, my mental block was breaking down. I am now fitter and faster than I have ever been (and I’m no spring chicken!) and most importantly I’m enjoying all the training and I don’t say “I cant run” anymore.

Definitely recommended, thanks for the help Jo, very much appreciated.


Child and Parent session

The biggest secret is to not “go there” in terms of panicking and thinking here we go again!!! After years of sleep issues with my son, I decided to give hypnotherapy ago. I was recommended Ms Rogers by a fellow mum from the school playground and so I made my consultation appointment.  This process was revealing and the underlying issues that surrounded my sons sleep were revealed. Through the session my son was happy to share information and I learnt a lot from it too.

When we went for the actual hypnotism session, I had to be present due to My son being a minor I engaged with the session too. This meant I picked up some “relaxing” hints and tips to use at bedtime. My anxiety over the sleep issue also lessened.

I can honestly say that bedtime has improved so much, we have had the odd night where settling has been tricky but overall I would say we are handling it so much better and with a ninety five per cent success level everyone in the family has benefitted from the hypnotism.

Professional, friendly and very calming I would recommend Ms Rogers to any parent who is struggling.


Weight Loss Client

I originally undertook Thrive with Johanna with the intention of losing weight. I have found that this has given me so much more than I expected. It has enabled me to take back control of my life, given me confidence and helped me to see what is really important. I now feel much calmer and satisfied both at home and at work.


Weight Loss Client

Hi Jo,

Quick update on my weightloss progress since returning to school.

So despite my worry, donuts, cakes and biscuits have proved no challenge for me, and I have actually avoided ALL sweet things at school this term, and we are 4 weeks in! Weight wise, I am 11 lbs down since we first met. Everything is great – I am enjoying eating and craving healthy food, eating a lot less and feeling like this is a very natural way to eat. I laugh inside to myself when I hear people rant on and on about calorie counting, but I doubt anyone will want to take advice from the fat girl….until she is no longer the fat girl that is! School is crazy – this is by far the worst time I can remember for being a teacher in state school. If I continue with my success, maybe I can make a new career helping people lose weight….you never know!?!??

Thanks for all your help, and the fact that I have not felt the need to see you again is a testament to your expertise!

Best regards,


Anxiety Client

Hi Jo

I saw you on Friday for hypnotherapy, I just wanted to give you some feedback, since my session I have been completely transformed , I have confidence, I don’t worry, I don’t have bad thoughts, and when I think about work I just laugh and forget in seconds, I don’t know how it has worked but it really has, I am soooooooooo grateful, I can’t thank you enough and your therapy has definitely given me the confidence to do it because I have a healthy mind now. Kind Regards ………….


Child with anxiety/OCD

Thank you for making me feel better and for helping me.You are always there making my life nicer because I’m not as worried and confused and occasionally sad. Thanks again Jo

Love ……….


Client with OCD

Just a note to say thank you so much for your support this year. You’ve been so professional, patient and kind. I feel like we are making progress and look forward to continuing the journey with you! I feels lucky to have found you.


Client with alcohol issues

Hello Jo

Just to let you know, this Friday will be 8 weeks without any alcohol and how good is that. Without your help it wouldn’t have happened, thank you so much.

Thank you



Client with Vaginismus

Hi Jo

I just wanted today a huge thank you for being there for me at my lowest moments and being someone I could trust and rely on to talk honestly to! I think you are absolutely brilliant and I cannot begin to thank you enough! After seeing you I slowly got better and for a while now have been completely back to my normal self with my fear sorted! I am now in fact pregnant with my baby due …. which we are so excited about! Also wondering whether you do hypno birthing as I found your hypnotherapy so beneficial before.

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