OCD and Children: It’s a Family Affair

This training shows how to master OCD and how the family is involved.

(Digital Seminar) Brain-to-Brain: Mastering the Neurobiological Waltz

Communication between people at an unconscious level.

What the Brain Needs for Transformational Change: Using Memory Reconsolidation in Daily Clinical Practice

I use the method of memory reconsolidation called coherence therapy. It is a talking therapy that I sometimes combine with hypnosis.

Dr. Daniel Siegel on The Mindsight Approach for Children and Adolescence: Integration Techniques for the Mind and the Developing Brain

I have gained extensive knowledge from Dan Seigal concerning neuro biology and how the brain, the body and the mind are linked; children’s brains are developing and change occurs again as a child becomes a teenager.

Understanding how integration of the brain using the mind as a tool has enhanced my practice greatly.

Mindfulness for Children and Teens: A Practical Approach

A wonderful calming approach, that when mixed with change at an implicit, unconscious level is very powerful.

Internal Family Systems (IFS) for Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, Addiction & More: An intensive online course with Dr. Richard Schwartz & Dr. Frank Anderson

One of my favourite approaches, as a persons symptoms, behaviour and emotions begin to make sense at a conscious level, the more empowered they feel. 

(Online Course) Dan Siegel’s Interpersonal Neurobiology and Mindsight Comprehensive Certificate Course

This extensive training is detailed and useful at practice level. This is knowledge behind the practice which guides the individual approaches and techniques that make a clients experience bespoke.

Precision Hypnosis with Uncommon knowledge

This was an advanced course in using hypnosis, which fine tunes hypnosis practice with individuals.

How to stop anyone smoking

An advanced and extensive course to enable clients to stop smoking.

Hypnoband Training

This is a safe method of losing weight whilst not feeling hungry, as your unconscious believes you have had the gastric band operation. This 4 session package comes with a client understanding their own beliefs and behaviour surrounding food and so enabling them to change eating habits easily.

Coherence Therapy Training with Bruce Ecker, Paul Sibson and Robin Ticic

An advanced and empowering psychotherapy that enables clients to understand what is the driving force behind symptoms and behaviours.

Our perspective is formed through many different experiences and many of those experiences are implicit (meaning that they are in a part of the brain that we don’t access, when these meanings, experiences and sensations are brought into explicit (conscious) awareness they can then be changed using this psychotherapy model.

A client is left without having to manage a symptom because the driving force behind having that symptom is gone.

International Association of Evidence Based Psychotherapy (IAEBP)

I have attended seminars and workshops to ensure my knowledge is up to date.

  • Hypno analysis by Kieran Fitzpatrick
  • Body Language by Beaula Page
  • Successful Hypnotherapy by Geoff Loveday
  • Lifespan Integration with Mandy Roland Smith
  • Mindfulness with Ali More
  • Trauma and Abuse with Beaula Page
  • Hypnotic techniques with Rob Smith
  • The many hidden faces of shame with Christiane Sanderson
  • Memory Reconsolidation and coherence therapy with Paul Sibson
  • Attachment Issues and their role in therapy with Beaula Page
  • Relaxation assisted Psychotherapy with Kieran Fitzpatrick
  • Treating Children with Patricia Harland