Weight Loss

I offer a number of weight loss systems designed to help you both lose weight as well as keep the weight off.

Weight Loss Hypnosis in Cornwall


Weight Loss Techniques

Each technique works in a slightly different way, but all are designed to help you make  changes so that you can maintain your new weight at a level you are happy with.

Clinical Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Clinical Hypnosis or “suggestion therapy” as it sometimes known as normally takes place over just one or two sessions and uses positive suggestions to help you to build on your internal resources to overcome any problems.

Click here to read all about Clinical Hypnosis.

Hypno-Band for Weight Loss

Hypno-Band is a form of Gastric Band Hypnosis that can help you to feel fuller with smaller portions of food!

Visit the Hypno-Band Weight Loss Hypnosis page here.

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