What Is Hypnosis?

The term “hypnosis” comes from the Greek word hypnos which means sleep.


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What is Hypnosis?

This is because the person induced into hypnosis resembles a person sleeping, but in actual fact they are completely aware and in control albeit in a state of absolute tranquility.

The ancient Greeks and Romans used hypnosis for therapeutic purposes. It has been used to carry out pain free operations, known as hypno-anasthesia.

Hypnosis is a calm, incredibly relaxed state; a totally natural phenomenon; we are in a state of hypnosis at least twice a day, once when first waking and again before going to sleep.

This has been termed the alpha state.

A person who is hypnotised is totally aware and in control, in fact they could get up and leave whenever they wanted to, which they probably wouldn’t due to hypnosis being so relaxing.

The client will feel calm and relaxed and completely in control at all times.

This is very different from stage hypnosis where you can witness people acting the fool.

They only act the fool because they want to and these people are chosen very carefully by the hypnotist.

You will have met these people in your day to day lives, they are the ones who like to be the life and soul of the party, who can be loud and entertaining and enjoy being the centre of attention.

A persons focus and concentration are heightened and there is an acute attention to detail while in this deep trance like state.

Clinical Hypnosis or Suggestion Therapy

This is when a person is relaxed into a light hypnotic state; any suggestions given by the therapist will be accessed by the subconscious mind and put into motion after the therapy session.

The client might request suggestion therapy for; fear of travelling, stopping smoking, combating exam nerves, driving test anxiety, dieting, claustrophobia, gaining confidence etc.

This form of therapy is very powerful; carefully worded suggestions are communicated directly to the client’s subconscious mind and because the suggestions are “aligned” with the desired outcomes of the person, they are acted upon post hypnosis with no need for conscious intervention.

This is fast and effective; however, suggestion therapy does have a time span and will last a few weeks at the most.

For most people, though, this is enough to make the required changes to their lives.

This type of therapy  generally takes either one or two sessions.

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