Depression Hypnotherapy

Everyone goes through spates of feeling miserable, but when you’re suffering from depression, you can feel constantly sad for long periods. People who trivialise depression by claiming it’s not a genuine health condition are mistaken.

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Depression is a very real illness, with devastating symptoms. It’s not a sign of weakness and it isn’t something you can “snap out of” when someone tells you to “pull yourself together”. The good news is that most people can make a full recovery from depression if they receive the right treatment.

Symptoms of depression

Depression can affect people in many different ways, causing a wide range of symptoms including lasting feelings of hopelessness and sadness, feeling tearful or anxious and losing interest in things you used to enjoy.

There are often physical symptoms as well, such as a loss of sex drive, feeling constantly tired, not sleeping well, a loss of appetite and various aches and pains. Symptoms can vary in severity. Mild symptoms can include feeling in continually low spirits, while severe depression makes people feel suicidal and like life’s not worth living.

Depression can be triggered by a life-changing event, such as bereavement or losing your job. Even a happy event, like having a baby, can bring it on. People who have a family history of depression are more likely to suffer from the condition. However, people can also become depressed for no apparent reason.

Social symptoms can include struggling at work, avoiding contact with friends, taking part in less social activities, losing interest in hobbies and experiencing general difficulties in family and home life.

Many people will suffer in silence, but it’s better to do something about depression as soon as possible. If you think you have depression, seek immediate help from your GP.

Grief and depression

There are differences between grief and depression, although they have many of the same characteristics. Grief is a natural reaction to a bereavement, but depression is an illness.

People who are grieving may find the feelings of sadness and loss will come and go, but sometimes, they can enjoy things and look ahead to the future. People suffering from depression continually feel sad, without any respite. They have little sense of a positive future and don’t enjoy anything.

Recognising you have depression and that you need help is the first step on the road to recovery.

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